Interested in a new adventure?  You and your teammates are challenged to find your way through mysterious puzzle-filled rooms with secrets hidden all around.

Bring a group of friends, family or coworkers. You will have one hour to find all of the clues, decipher the codes, and solve the mind-bending puzzles to complete the different adventures each room holds.

Book now to see if you have what it takes to solve each adventure in less than 60 minutes.



Our Escape Adventures are Great for…


Corporate Team Building

For any team to work efficiently people must learn to work together! Our escape room adventures are a great way to have fun, build trust, and learn to work together all at the same time!

Night Out with Friends

Looking for a unique adventure for you and your friends to embark on together? Look no further! Our escape room adventures offer a unique experience for you and your friends to enjoy together!

Family Bonding

What better way to enjoy a night out with the family than to embark on an exciting escape room adventure! Bond with your family as you uncover mysteries and try to escape before the clock runs out!

Exciting Date Night

Want to bond with that special someone in your life? Come embark on an escape room adventure! Mystery and excitement await as you try to solve the room objectives!


Choose Your Escape Adventure…

Welcome to Cereal City Escape.

It’s our goal to let you live the game. We have real-life adventures where teams of 4 to 10 people are put into engaging environments to solve the many mysteries, puzzles and challenges. Unlock the clues to solve the missions in each room. Escape Rooms are fun for all ages; but, persons under the age of 9 years old may find the games confusing. There is no upper age limit. No one under the age of 16 may enter without an adult.

Please note that Cereal City Escape reserves the right to refuse entry if you appear under the influence at the time of your booking. There will be no refund. Our goal is to ensure that not only you, but your teammates, as well as other players in other rooms have an enjoyable experience that is not impeded by someone intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Let’s face it. These are brain-based puzzles so we recommend that you come enjoy the experience and then, if you so desire (and can legally), enjoy the adult beverages afterwards!

For reservations, we offer two options. You can book a private party, or join others to make it through the rooms. If you wish to have a private booking, please select PRIVATE BOOKING and set the preferred time. Please note: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we offer only private bookings with a minimum of 4 players per room. Also, all bookings on Monday - Wednesday must be made at least 24 hours in advance to ensure proper staffing for you to enjoy your experience to it’s fullest. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or need additional information / assistance.

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The Syndicate’s Revenge

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Wizard Academy

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